July Special

Sightseeing adventures

4 passengers / 3 hours

 Regular $350 this month only $275 !

$25 for each additional passenger up to 6 total

$75 for each additional hour

includes kids beach toys, shelling bags 

* Here are a few of the places we visit *

Mullock Creek, Estero Bay, Mound Key, Estero River,

Imperial River in Bonita, secluded beaches,

Fort Myers Beach ,

Bowditch point park, 

maybe stop for lunch at a waterfront restaurant

or a small island  


July Special

Dolphin Tour

only $195 for 2 hrs.

1-4 passengers,

$25 for each addl person up to 6 total  

$80 for each additional hour 

call for more info


Dolphin / Wildlife Tours 

Dolphin / Wildlife Tours


We offer Affordable Simple Beach Wedding Ceremonies , Sunset Tours, Tours to Mound Key, Dolphin / Wildlife Charters, Fort Myers Bonita Fishing Charters, Shelling , Sightseeing around the waters of South West Florida , Boat Rides at Fort Myers Beach

Back Bay fishing Bonita Springs Fort Myers Naples 

Have lunch on an Island or at a waterfront restaurant

Relaxed easy going day on the water ,

Family friendly bring the kids !!

Things to do

Fort Myers

Bonita Beach


We offer Affordable Fort Myers Charter Fishing Guided Jet Ski Tours Relaxed Easy Going Day on the Water Fishing Fort Myers Fishing Charter Boats Fort Myers Beach Weddings Fun Things to do in Ft Myers FL 

 Charter Fishing Fort Myers Beach

Bonita Beach

Naples FL

Family Fishing Trips 



Onboard 34ft Pontoon

Fishing trips 4 hours $465 up to 7 people 

additional passengers $40 each

up to 10 total  $95 per extra hour 

Back Bay & Passes,

Fishing license , rods/tackle ,

Bait included

Sightseeing & Sunset Tour 2 hours

$250 up to 4 people.

additional passenger $25

up to 18 passengers total

3 boats available

 Restroom onboard Wheelchair Accessible 


Things to do in Ft Myers Charter Boats

These Florida bottlenose dolphins are usually gray in color or brownish-gray.

They look close to 5 feet in length and play in groups of three or four.
Mostly, they undulate through the waves and flip water with their tails, but when they decide to leap out of the water, you are amazed at how muscular they look.
Here are Some dolphin facts for you
* Dolphins are mammals. They are not a fish. They nurse their young.
* Bottlenose dolphins can grow to 8 feet in length.
* They will weigh between 430-600 lbs.
* Bottlenose dolphins eat between 15-30 lbs of fish and sealife each day.
* Dolphins normally have just one calf about every two to three years.
* Calving season here on the Gulf Beaches usually peaks in May.
* A dolphin calf will suckle from the mother for 1-1/2 to 2 years.
* They will swim with their mothers for another 3-8 years.
* Dolphin calves are born in shallow water, either tail or head first.
* The little guys are about 3-1/2 to 4 ft long and weigh a little over 40 lbs.
* Sometimes, there is an assisting dolphin near. It can be a male or female.
* The calf "surfs" in the mother's slipstream as they swim so it can keep up
* Dolphins communicate with a variety of sounds like clicks, moans, whistles, and squeaks...but not through their mouth.
* Dolphins make all of these different noises through their "blowhole" in the top of their head.
* Just like here on land, male bottlenose dolphins will whistle at the females to get their attention.
* Dolphins can whistle so sharp and shrilly that they can stun fish.
* Adult males hangout by themselves or with one or two dolphin buddies. 
* Females and calves, on the other hand, mingle with groups of close to 15 others.
* Florida bottlenose dolphins search for food through a use of sonar called, "ecolocation." They send out clicks, and echos come back.
* Dolphins can usually stay underwater for about 30 sec. to 2min. with a maximum of up to 6 to 10 min